Prepaid debit cards are a safe way to make online purchases

It is estimated that eCommerce sales in 2020 will account for over 15% percent of worldwide retail sales. eCommerce is rapidly taking over, as the times show because more people require online shopping for the delivery of basic goods to their homes. eCommerce is not limited to delivery from local retail stores but does tap the world market.


Choice of payment methods 

There are many methods in which you can choose to make a purchase online. The different options are out there such as using your credit card, going through an online payment provider, through your mobile e-wallet, and many more. However, there are some out there who are still looking for a way to make these purchases using a safe and cost cost-effective way possible. The answer to this is with the use of a prepaid debit card.

What are prepaid debit cards?

Prepaid debit cards are cards that you can get to make purchases that you have to put money in advance in order to use them. Like most credit or debit cards, they are aligned with the major card brands such as MasterCard or Visa. However, the difference between these types of cards is that you don’t have to go through your bank to get them. You can purchase them even through your online service provider, making it faster and more convenient to get.

Keeping sensitive card details safe

For one, they can help you keep your information safer. Instead of using the credit or debit card that is attached to your bank, you can use your prepaid card to make your online purchase. This is a great way to ensure that your sensitive bank details won’t get even the slightest chance of being open to hackers getting to them.

Being able to limit spending

Another thing that makes prepaid debit cards safe is that they can help you limit your spending. There are a lot of things that are very tempting to add to your cart when shopping online. Sometimes, it is hard for us to put a cap on how much you spend each month when buying things online. But since you have to put money into your prepaid card before you have to use it, it can be easier for you to monitor your spending habits this way.

Managing your money

Prepaid debit cards are also easier to use in terms of accessing money and reloading them as well. Being that they are aligned with major card brands, you can use these cards to get cash simply by going to your nearest ATM. Putting money on them is simple as well. If you got the card through your online payment provider, then you can easily transfer the funds you have on your online account and have it reflect immediately onto your car.

Accept card payments 

Whether you are shopping online or own an eCommerce site, the use of debit cards is fast becoming more popular than that of credit cards. For millions of online shoppers, the debit card payment method option is necessary. It is a must for an eCommerce site to accept card payments, be it that for debit or credit cards.